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This is why yoga will help you run faster

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In celebration of International Yoga Day on June 21, a prime coach tells us why yoga for runners is an absolute should.

There is extra to running than running. I’ve learnt the exhausting approach by way of a sore knee (which bizarrely was a results of confused shoulders) that simply because you run doesn’t imply you can neglect your different training, and non-cardio periods resembling yoga can help enormously by stretching out your muscle tissues and maintaining your core robust. 

Bec Wilcock is a Nike NTC coach and excessive athlete who thinks nothing of operating extremely marathons (100km) and operating for 20 hours within the mountains. She is a pocket-rocket of a lady, and a killer private coach who espouses the advantages of cross-training and together with yoga and power training into your schedule to reap most advantages on your physique and counter stability all of the stress operating does in your legs.

Bec’s typical training week consists of: three runs per week (velocity, tempo and an extended run), 2 weights periods, a yoga session and a “play” session (surf or a seashore session).

Why the yoga?

“The strength and flexibility you develop in a yoga session; in the core, quads, hamstrings, and hip flexors, can help you run more efficiently and stay injury-free!”

Why the play session?

“It frees my mind from work and training!”

“I also foam roll for 30 minutes every other day”. 

Ah, the dreaded foam curler – I’ve a love-hate relationship with them. But after a session with Bec, through which she virtually lowered me to tears via her smiling murderer methods earlier than handing me a pink foam curler as a present, I will obligingly use it tonight (in entrance of the TV, in fact!) and stretch out my drained muscle tissue.

Read about Tedmanson’s journey to the Boston marathon and her training here.

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